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Project Cimrman

Project Cimrman (named after the Teacher of Czech people) is aiming at the creation of the platform for the quick and easy development of educational systems.

Cimrman is flexible platform for the development of educational and assesment systems (nowadays targeted at choice-based tests). Thanks to the open architecture is the system easily extensible.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: What's the difference between a system and a platform?

A: A platform helps in the development of a systems. The Cimrman platform itself can be operated by trained end-user, but it's primarily intended for developers.

Q: In what stage of development is the project right now?

A: Quoting the classical saying: „The software product has never been finished. At best they are ready to use.“ we hope that most important stages (object and database modelling) of the development are nearly finished and the rest of the platform "ready to use". Of course thanks to being open-sourced, project Cimrman can evolve forever.

Q: What's you licencing policy?

A: Complete platform (incl. all needed packages) is open-source. Project Cimrman itself is licenced under GNU Lesser GPL version 2 and thus is free for any usage.

Q: Have you any real-world use-cases?

A: The platform is not primarily intented to be used by an end-user. Unfortunately we have to admit, that we lack the developers of end-user systems.


Feel free to contact us for any purpose, especially if you would like to contribute to project Cimrman or base on it your development :)

Warning: these email aliases are out-of-work right now!

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